I Hope This Finds You

“Love yourself.” The walls whisper. I toss one way, see it written on the moon, turn the other and find it staring back at me from within the darkness of my room. “Love yourself.” They tell me, putting flowers in my hair to make me feel delicate and pretty but I vehemently shake them all… Continue reading I Hope This Finds You

In the Dark

2AM, as I lie awake in bed wondering if you’re thinking of me. My thoughts turn inward, wondering why I push people away and why I often times feel so incapable of connecting. I’ve been here before. Many times. This… what would one call it? Feeling? State of being? This mindset? There’s always been this… Continue reading In the Dark


I am free. I am, finally, free. I am walking through the canopies of wooded trees and yellow sunnies – the bees making their way to the nectar. Honey. So sweet. Like me. Honey. So free of bitters and negativity. Free of no. Free of you. Free to be… I am free. I open the… Continue reading Free

Return to Us, Queen.

Rise up, Queen. Rise up, Goddess. Your Queendom desires your presence. Your God asks for your light. Your family needs your love.

I have this way with men…

I admit Lord, I’m much too scared to make the leap. What I mean is, I give my heart away so easily. I’m not convinced men want that part of me. What is it… about my eyes, my hair, my skin that they think they need? To barely skim the surface before they leave… first… Continue reading I have this way with men…