Running: A How-To On Getting Started

How to get started running: running form, running fuel, training, and running gear


The Little Dominican Eats: Magic Fountain Homemade Ice Cream!

For the 4th of July weekend, J and I traveled over to his family's home in Long Island. I had tons of food, from sausages to lasagna to a burger and two different types of cake. Despite how stuffed I was earlier in the day, I still had room for more dessert. If there is …

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Hello June.

Looking back, I really surprised myself in May! I put off tricep dips in the first two weeks because I swore I would be out for the count after the first 5. WELL! I got all the way up to 12 in the last two weeks! My program had 4 sets to failure so I finally …

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Week 1 Successes and Week 2 Goals

Happy Monday Fitsters! Since the beginning of my Fitness journey, balance and consistency have been the hardest for me to establish so in the third week of April, I decided to simply give it my best shot for the next 12 weeks. Today marks the beginning of week 2 and I am proud to say …

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Today: Go Out And Conquer

Today, I want you to think about something: What if... you told yourself that you actually CAN? What would change? Imagine today is the day you stop doubting yourself. What would your day look like? I was so tired of allowing myself to be mediocre, of tearing myself down and continually telling myself "I can't." I believe …

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