Beginning A Lifestyle Change

Hello gems! Is anyone else having serious cases of “please don’t make me go outside…” this summer because it’s just so hot? NYC has been experiencing some very warm and sunny 90 degree (and above!) weather which in turn has made me realize just how bad I need summer clothes and actually, clothes in general. Can I tell… Continue reading Beginning A Lifestyle Change

A New You

Forget January 1st, and New Year’s Resolutions and “starting fresh” once numbers on a calendar change. Forget making promises simply because it’s believed a smaller pair of jeans will fix everything. Forget looking in the mirror and picking out flaws. Forget calorie restrictions, and “diets” and skipping meals. Forget crying over a few extra calories… Continue reading A New You

You’re Not Broken, You Just Need To Love Yourself

In honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, here’s a post I’ve been mulling over: On Valentine’s Day, I woke up wanting to bury myself deep into the covers. I felt ugly. I felt fat. And I wanted to hide. Did you know in European folk traditions Valentine’s Day signifies the coming of Spring– rejuvenation, regrowth,… Continue reading You’re Not Broken, You Just Need To Love Yourself

Let’s Talk About Fear, Baby!

In my quest to be a better me I have been following and signing up for every Transformation challenge. I stick to the commitment for 2-3 weeks before jumping off the deep end. Now, this baffles me quite a bit. In 2012, when I started running and spinning I managed 4-5 workouts per week for a good year… Continue reading Let’s Talk About Fear, Baby!

In a Fitness Rut? Press Restart!

Oh, hello there! I’ve been M.I.A. the past few weeks. I wanted to take some time to myself, to mull over what my next steps in this Fitness journey would be and to regain my motivation. Restarting can be frustrating, especially if you feel as if you “let yourself down” by losing momentum. It is… Continue reading In a Fitness Rut? Press Restart!