A Love Letter To My People On the Heels of “President Trump”

I woke up today, hoping, wishing (but deep down already knowing) I had not seen what I saw. Could I unsee it? No. It was there, it was real. It is life. I broke down. I broke down last night, feelig my heart shatter as Google told me Trump was leading… 264 to 209. I… Continue reading A Love Letter To My People On the Heels of “President Trump”

Life Lessons from Six Flags’s The Nitro

As we came to the drop I braced back, bringing my feet together, white knuckling the handle pushed against the top of my thighs. I closed my eyes, feeling myself lifted up out of my seat and into the stars. It was my first time riding The Nitro, but it was one of my most… Continue reading Life Lessons from Six Flags’s The Nitro

In All My Glory

“Do you see me?” I ask, cracking my knuckles– nervous habit from years of social isolation. A.K.A Othering (It wasn’t a word before, but it is a word now). “Do you though?” I want to say. But my voice catches. My voice always catches when it’s time for me to speak. Do you see the real me?

A Faceless Doll No More

I’ve been very silent lately and I’m just going to come right out and say it: I started having an identity crisis. Okay, actually let me take a step back and say I started feeling really depressed. I started feeling really depressed about myself and my career and my talents and my life. Woah. Pause. All… Continue reading A Faceless Doll No More

Tender (Self) Lovin’ Curls

I cannot believe it’s September already! I always feel rejuvenated by Summer, sun and cool breezes but I love when the seasons change too. Summer and Spring make me want to be out and about, but during Fall and Winter? Well, Fall and Winter make me want self-reflection and a huge mug of hot chocolate. Yes,… Continue reading Tender (Self) Lovin’ Curls