Running: A How-To On Getting Started

How to get started running: running form, running fuel, training, and running gear


Your Dawn Is Coming

"It's always darkest before the dawn" - Florence + The Machine I had moments last year, where all I wanted was to bury myself deep into the covers and never resurface. I would roll out of bed--right foot then left--and wonder how I could get out of living one more day. "How can I escape?" I couldn't. …

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The Little Dominican Eats… Tisserie!

It's been a long week. Monday: Attended a staff training and grabbed a glass of wine at a co-worker's"see you later." (Not goodbye.) Tuesday: Late night in the office. Wednesday: Learned how to create a compelling presence then followed it up with Live In The Grey & Poppin's workshop "Making Hard Choices: Discover Your Values & Define …

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A New You

Forget January 1st, and New Year's Resolutions and "starting fresh" once numbers on a calendar change. Forget making promises simply because it's believed a smaller pair of jeans will fix everything. Forget looking in the mirror and picking out flaws. Forget calorie restrictions, and "diets" and skipping meals. Forget crying over a few extra calories …

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You’re Not Broken, You Just Need To Love Yourself

In honor of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, here's a post I've been mulling over: On Valentine's Day, I woke up wanting to bury myself deep into the covers. I felt ugly. I felt fat. And I wanted to hide. Did you know in European folk traditions Valentine's Day signifies the coming of Spring-- rejuvenation, regrowth, …

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