I am free. I am, finally, free. I am walking through the canopies of wooded trees and yellow sunnies – the bees making their way to the nectar. Honey. So sweet. Like me. Honey. So free of bitters and negativity. Free of no. Free of you. Free to be… I am free. I open the… Continue reading Free

Dear White People:

I do not need your apology. I do not need your words. I will not pat you on the back for finally seeing what my people have been saying all along–that even with a Black man as our President– racism, sexism, homophobia, hate for & fear of the other exists. I want your eyes, your… Continue reading Dear White People:

Yum Yum! Donuts!

DONUTS! DONUTS DONUTS DONUTS! Have I mentioned how much I love donuts? I love donuts. Because I REALLY love donuts. My best friend gifted me a donut maker in college because I would go to such great lengths for Dunkin’ Donuts– which of course with the occurrence of artisanal doughnut shops no longer happens. After… Continue reading Yum Yum! Donuts!