about the little dominican


i’m Dronile


wellness was never my first love. actually, i used to think eating healthy, being active and caring for Self were luxuries unavailable to poor afro-latina women like me + my washington height sisters. running for me was about the look–you know, the six-pack and the bubble butt. running was free + as a college student, the freshman 15 had been much too generous– like 30 pounds too generous. i was in serious pursuit of size 5 skinny jeans + my first bikini. eventually, my  running game got pretty good (look mamí!): i ran my first 10K road race two weeks post-graduation. i didn’t even need to cross the finish line to know:

there were sparks.

The Little Dominican smile.jpgit transformed me. not just in body, but in mind, soul and spirit. i felt free running. i wanted that freedom to spill into every part of my life. i left my role as a film production assistant (stress for daaaays) to write full-time, run and discover myself through this new found love of life. i started spinning, bodybuilding, cooking (for myself!), kickboxing… i even started running half-marathons.


i’ve discovered a lot of really wonderful things about myself on this journey.

i’ve discovered a lot of really not so wonderful things about myself too.

as a free thinker though, i have an insatiable desire to explore + edit. research + record. create + share. my best project to date has been Self. i am a donut obsessed writer with an affinity for dancing, meditation, reading, traveling, Issa Rae and the afro-latinx diaspora.

i hope in the process of my creating + sharing i can help YOU cultivate a love of Self, creativity, career + life.

welcome along friend.


for press/media inquiries or collaborations: thelittledominicannyc@gmail.com


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