what does living well & free mean to you?

a creative business?

expressing your artistic, creative & professional style?

caring for your mental, spiritual & physical Self?

I’m happy you’re here. when I left my role as a film production assistant (let’s talk about stress for daaaaays) to write full-time, I was in pursuit of my wildest, independent & most carefree life. wellness was never my first love. actually, I used to think eating healthy, being active and caring for Self were luxuries unavailable to poor afro-latina women like me & my in the Heights sisters.

The Little Dominican smile.jpgdiscovering self-care, God, and breaking down old negative beliefs and patterns has helped me discover a lot of really wonderful things about this beautiful thing called life.

are you a free thinker with an insatiable desire to explore & edit? research & record? create & share? your best project is and will always be your Self.

let’s create a life full of (self)love, creativity, & freedom. your dreams are waiting, loves,

welcome along friend.


for press/media inquiries or collaborations: thelittledominicannyc@gmail.com


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