I am free. I am, finally, free. I am walking through the canopies of wooded trees and yellow sunnies – the bees making their way to the nectar.


So sweet.

Like me. Honey. So free of bitters and negativity. Free of no. Free of you. Free to be… I am free. I open the blinds, my eyes, to the wide open sea. The smell, salty. I am the seaweed, at the bottom of the ocean, bending, bending, bending but never broken. I give life to those around me and sometimes I’m uprooted from my grounding for a plate that gives you endless energy. I am green with prosperity. You see, we think seaweed is…

We think seaweed is simple.



And then you see the way it rises from the trenches, living below where no one can see.

Like darkness.

And yet, it gives those below life. And we pull it from its home, to make a nice bowl of soup and still, it does not lose its sense of self. It is still


Full of life energy.

It transports you, healthy, vitality. I am free. Wild and rambunctious like the sea. There’s no making sense of me because when you catch this fish (and think you’ve gotten all of me) you see the shark in its place. I am free, golden limbs placed firmly in the soul. The way flys want to come and talk to me.

The way my soul makes colors in the wind.

I am free. It makes you mad yes? Being unable to catch me, to box me in because you realize I am the catch, I am the box and I am the one who decides if you get in or not.


I am free. Mad with love, mad with kindness, mad with you don’t give a fuck to me. Because first, I give a fuck to me. I am free, like the curl, a ripple in reality. Dizzying. A little frizzy, but still beautiful, like me. I am.

I am free. Free like the smoke that billows from your cigarette because it knows, like me, how to keep its hold with nicotine. You thought you were a drug, but baby you forgot you met me. I am free. The love you so desperately cling for, the memories you so desperately want more. Free, cut from cloths you’ve never seen. Eclectic. Unnerving. Winding. I am the breeze, touching your skin lightly and being the air you breathe.

How, you ask, can you be me? How, you ask, can you be free?

And I have no words for you. There is no being me. You are free too. I am free like you. I simply see it, I see it and I believe it. And I live it. I talk to the leaves and sit, dancing with the ocean breeze. I am free. Free. I am free.

I am me wild in divinity.

Wild in me. Wild in love with being free.

Wild in love with being me.

I am free. Running with divinity. Running from the shadow in me. Running with the light in me. Just… free.

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