Beginning A Lifestyle Change

Hello gems!

Is anyone else having serious cases of “please don’t make me go outside…” this summer because it’s just so hot? NYC has been experiencing some very warm and sunny 90 degree (and above!) weather which in turn has made me realize just how bad I need summer clothes and actually, clothes in general. Can I tell you all a secret? Most of my clothes are from 2014. They have holes in them. AH!

They’re not big holes or tears or anything, they’re small holes but… wait, why am I even defending this? I am embarrassed but mostly, ashamed. The holes in my clothes aren’t me making a fashion choice, like a brand new pair of Abercrombie jeans, actually I would say it’s the complete opposite– it’s me making no fashion choice at all. And the reason I’m not? Because I gained weight. I stopped shopping for new clothes, and tossing out the old because I felt so uncomfortable about gaining weight. I stopped taking care of myself.

Just completely disregarded self-care. In many ways: I stopped going to the gym. I stopped planning and prepping my meals. I spent way too long between haircuts. Mhm, when I mean completely disregarded self-care I mean I jumped ship! Without a life vest. And (true story) I don’t even know how to swim.

Eating healthy, getting in shape and wellness in general can be just as daunting as jumping ship without a life vest when you don’t know the needed life skills. So where does your lifestyle change even begin?

With you.

You need nothing more than to start with you, and the reasons WHY you want to adapt new habits. Carve out some time this week to sit with yourself. Take an hour. I know there’s no time to sit by yourself for an hour, but take an hour anyway. This is for you.

You deserve to say yes to you.

So take an hour, grab a notebook or your laptop or a paper towel and a pen. Anything to write with. Find a place where you can sprawl out and relax. Set your space: I use the table and the couch as workspaces so I clear them both except for a glass of water, my laptop, a black Composition notebook and a pen.

For your first half hour, clear your head. If that means taking a power nap, then do it. Or if you’re more of a bookworm then grab a good book off your shelf. The point is to take a breather and relax. Here are 50 ways for self care if you need a memory jog. During this time I love to catch up on my favorite blogs, chat on social and scroll through Pinterest– just really kick back. It’s important to have these moments to yourself, because learning what you need and when are going to be the basis of your new lifestyle. So learn to just give yourself time to pause and live a little.

During your second half hour, you’re going to figure out your why. “Why do I want to…” Eat healthier? whyExercise more? Lose 15 pounds? Deadlift 50 pounds? Learn to cut back on my overeating? Starting a new lifestyle means you’ll be thinking a lot more about your habits. You’ll be second guessing a lot of what currently feels natural and safe to you. It’ll be challenging, which makes this that much more important. In those times when you feel like quitting, or you’re telling yourself “this doesn’t really matter” your why will be the reason you keep going. Write down all your reasons! No reason is too small, no reason is too big. They’re all equally valued. Here’s what this looks like for me:

I want to practice self-care (taking time for my self, getting my nails done, shopping for cute clothes, brunching with friends, etc.) at least once per week.


To boost my confidence! To show myself love. So that I can be a more positive influence on this Earth. Because I deserve it. To be a better daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend. Because my body works hard for me and needs TLC– always. Because practicing self-care makes me happy. And because practicing self-care helps me stay motivated.

Don’t get frustrated if figuring out your why feels difficult at first. It can be hard to pinpoint at times, just keep taking an hour for yourself and see what asking “why” helps you uncover. When you come upon them, keep them near your bed as a reminder. Remind yourself why in the morning and remind yourself why before you go to bed at night. Copy your “why” into your phone or stash a copy in your wallet, use it as motivation. With your “why” in hand, your lifestyle reform is well within reach!

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Have you embarked on a lifestyle reset? What has helped you stick to your goals? Share your favorite strategies in the comments below!


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