The Little Dominican Eats… Tisserie!

It’s been a long week.

Monday: Attended a staff training and grabbed a glass of wine at a co-worker’s”see you later.” (Not goodbye.)

Tuesday: Late night in the office.

Wednesday: Learned how to create a compelling presence then followed it up with Live In The Grey & Poppin‘s workshop “Making Hard Choices: Discover Your Values & Define Your Career.”

Thursday: “Quiet” day

Saturday: Seeing my father for his birthday

Sunday: Waking up (or not staying up?) to hit Central Park at 1:30AM and cheer runners on to the finish line!

It seems like all the coolest events are happening this week. One of the coolest events happening this week? Time Out’s Doughfest: 90 minutes of NY’s tastiest donuts alongside iced coffee, beer, Bailey’s and music. It’s practically sacrilege for me to miss out. You know I really love you when I’m passing on donuts (and I do really love my dad!)

Seriously, if you can go, please go for me!

Tisserie‘s Nutella Hot Chocolate made this week feel like a breeze. Mhm, I said it– Nutella Hot Chocolate. Sounds impossible right? To get the light hazelnut flavors into a hot cup of decadent chocolate without having that strange artificial sugary syrup taste? Tisserie’s Nutella Hot Chocolate is nothing like that. Have you ever just bought a jar of Nutella, and dug a spoon into it? To the point where an hour later you realize you haven’t actually put the spoon down and now you’re out a jar of Nutella? Every sip feels like that spoonful, except there’s no guilt afterwards about devouring a whole 4 ounces (or more…) of hazelnut-y goodness.

The_Little_Dominican_Tisserie.jpgI grabbed a Red Velvet Cookie and a Double Chocolate Cookie along with my Hot Chocolate. But can I be completely honest? I wasn’t impressed. Tisserie’s cookies look deceptively soft. I expected the Double Chocolate Cookie to fall apart in my hand as I tore a piece off the top but there was no give. You know, maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get crunchy cookies. It almost seems like a slap in the face to all the mothers who stand watch over their ovens, waiting for the right time to pull the oven door and serve the gooiest of cookies. I love when the first bite melts onto your tongue! Tisserie’s Double Chocolate Cookie is “filled with Nutella and Salted Caramel” as per their website but there were no remnants of either. I was ultimately disappointed by the texture of the cookie. A soft fudge-like cookie would have allowed for the Nutella and Salted Caramel center to stick.

The Red Velvet was actually what drew my attention. And there’s a cream cheese filling! Oh the joy running through my body when I saw this beauty sitting behind the glass. I kept tapping my feet thinking abut the first bite. I unwrapped this cookie, with the utmost care,and held it up to the light. If you look closely you can see the cream cheese fighting it’s way to the top. I took a bite, awaiting for all the velvety notes to saturate my tongue and jolt my senses.

Version 3

I felt nothing.

Nothing! It was–dare I say it…?— tasteless. Oh how it pains me to speak ill of Red Velvet in any of it’s forms! May the Red Velvet gods not strike me down for this one. Tissere’s Red Velvet cookie had no nuance. While the Red Velvet flavor was very dull, the cream cheese filling could have been remedied with a softer cookie.

Despite Tisserie’s cookies, it is one cool hang out spot! During lunch time you can find runners, employees on their break, college students on their laptops, tourists and locals alike on line for a cup of joe in this small, intimate bakery. The wooden stools and tables gives the interior a modern look while maintaining a laid-back feel allowing for business meetings and intense study sessions to happen all under one roof. Plus, with the variety of baked goods at Tisserie you are bound to find something delectably delicious (and to your liking!)


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