A New You

Forget January 1st, and New Year’s Resolutions and “starting fresh” once numbers on a calendar change.

Forget making promises simply because it’s believed a smaller pair of jeans will fix everything.

Forget looking in the mirror and picking out flaws.

Forget calorie restrictions, and “diets” and skipping meals.

Forget crying over a few extra calories or an extra rest day.

Forget the past.

Forget feeling guilty over one (or two or three…) slices of pizza.

Forget “later.”

Forget having it come easy.

Forget the scale.

Forget the negative and accept.

Accept a challenge.

Accept a reform.

Accept setbacks, and bad days.

Accept bouncing back.

Accept a glass of iced tea.

Accept your own special brand of beauty.

Accept greens next to the meat.

Accept risks.

Accept measuring tapes and progress pictures– if it’s what you need.

Accept a 30 minute walk (because you’ll never know where it’ll lead).

Accept “now.”

Accept a new lifestyle.

Accept looking for a solution.

Accept healthy fats.

Accept slow change.

Accept problems.

Accept hard work and dedication.

Accept the present (and you’ll find a way to make your future).

Accept an adventure.

Then grab your shoes, and roll with it.

Here’s to a new me. Are you in?


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