Your Dawn Is Coming

“It’s always darkest before the dawn” – Florence + The Machine I had moments last year, where all I wanted was to bury myself deep into the covers and never resurface. I would roll out of bed–right foot then left–and wonder how I could get out of living one more day. “How can I escape?” I couldn’t.… Continue reading Your Dawn Is Coming

The Little Dominican Eats… Tisserie!

It’s been a long week. Monday: Attended a staff training and grabbed a glass of wine at a co-worker’s”see you later.” (Not goodbye.) Tuesday: Late night in the office. Wednesday: Learned how to create a compelling presence then followed it up with Live In The Grey & Poppin‘s workshop “Making Hard Choices: Discover Your Values & Define… Continue reading The Little Dominican Eats… Tisserie!

A New You

Forget January 1st, and New Year’s Resolutions and “starting fresh” once numbers on a calendar change. Forget making promises simply because it’s believed a smaller pair of jeans will fix everything. Forget looking in the mirror and picking out flaws. Forget calorie restrictions, and “diets” and skipping meals. Forget crying over a few extra calories… Continue reading A New You

The Little Dominican Eats… Red Rooster Harlem!

Two weeks ago I celebrated my golden birthday. According to Wiki: A person’s Golden or Grand Birthday, also referred to as their “Lucky Birthday”, “Champagne Birthday”, or “Star Birthday”, occurs when they turn the age of their birthday. The thought of climbing up in years didn’t make me feel lucky. In fact, I dreaded my birthday so much I… Continue reading The Little Dominican Eats… Red Rooster Harlem!