The Little Dominican Eats… the Chick’n Shack!

“Hi, I’m the Little Dominican and I am a food snob.”

It’s true. Most accurate way to describe my food personality: snob. I have avoided featuring Shake Shack like the plague. For a long time I just saw it as a step up (or two…) from McDonald’s. Being brutally honest, Shake Shack’s beef burgers without the Shack Sauce and toppings are… bland. Yes, I said it: BLAND. I once tried the ShackMeister which I thought was even worst than the Shack Burger because it tasted so greasy, as if it was dipped in a vat of old grease. The ‘Shroom Burger was my original favorite, until I ate it one too many times and realized I didn’t like the overabundance of Meunster and Cheddar cheese oozing out of my burger (because let me tell you it is A LOT of cheese. Plus the mushroom is pretty hard to bite into, making it for a very very messy burger). Being that Shake Shack’s fries are frozen, I just didn’t have enough to rave over.

Except Shake Shack’s custards, concretes and shakes are definitely worth making a trip for.

As is this guy:

Version 2

The Chick’n Shack. The absolute holy grail of crispy chicken sandwiches. Seriously, I haven’t stopped dreaming about it. I don’t normally go head over heels for chicken–I was after all Pescatarian for 3 years! But this chicken sandwich? Pretty sure I shed a tear.

First things first the Chick’n Shack is so crispy. I knew Shake Shack had tapped into something when I took that first bite and could hear the crunch. Next, the Chick’n Shack is flavorful and moist. The combination of buttermilk and herbed mayo makes for a melt in your mouth sandwich: every flavor is balanced and subtle.

I have been waiting to try the Chick’n Shack since July 2015. The more I heard, the more I thought it wouldn’t live up to the hype. (I spent a year and a half anxiously looking for Red Velvet Oreos to recently find they were steeped in disappointment). Well, there’s no hype here! The Chick’n Shack is everything you would imagine and more.

And as of January 14th, it’s available nationwide.

So, what are you waiting for?!

Just don’t go overboard! Because in the coming weeks, we’re talking about getting back on the training game (especially when you’re feeling down in the dumps about your body) and those goals, goals, goals!


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