Make the Most of Your Move (and Nutrition!)

It can be pretty tough worrying about grocery shopping, meal prepping and weight loss while in the midst of a move. Unless you are going close distances–and even then it can be hard–transporting food from one fridge to another isn’t exactly the easiest option:

  1. If the food is packed into a hot vehicle for long periods of time it can spoil
  2. If you have neglectful helpers, your food can end up at the bottom of the pile and get squished! (even though you specifically told them to put to put that particular bag IN FRONT)
  3. Maybe to cut moving costs, you borrowed a friend’s small minivan and find, the food just doesn’t fit
  4. Or to make it easier on your poor stress-rattled brain you simply decided to buy just enough groceries to get you through the week so that you wouldn’t forget anything

Moving can be stressful as it is! But rather than reach for GrubHub or the take out menus, ease some of your empty fridge woes with a bit of pre-planning!

  • Pack foods that can sustain no refrigeration: Fruits such as bananas, apples, oranges, pears, avocado, etc. for example are good options as they can last for a considerable amount of time outside of a refrigerator/cooler and still be good to eat. Other options include nuts, seeds, bread, oats, raisins, honey, oils, potatoes, onions, beans, spices, rice and nut butters (some nut butters will require refrigeration. Make sure to read the label before packing!) The idea here is to pack foods that will not go bad so that you have options for home cooked meals once you arrive until you make a trip to the grocery store. As hard as it may be, avoid any canned, pre-packaged or boxed foods that are super high in fat, sugar, carbs and processed chemicals. For example, canned beans can be a great option! Just be aware that many canned beans can be chock full of sodium, either try to reach for a can with reduced sodium or buy your beans dry and make them to your liking!
  • Pre-plan your grocery list and shopping date: In the midst of boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape the last thing you may want to do is take a break from organizing your new home to take a trip to the grocery store. A week or two before your move, start thinking about what you want that first week’s grocery haul to include. This way you can make sure to include items on your list that will allow you to make meals, rather than stocking your cupboards with ingredients you think may be useful (and may leave you questioning what the hell to eat later!) Planning your grocery list ahead of time can also help you set out a shopping date. Maybe you find it’s best to move all your boxes and furniture in and make a quick trip to the grocery store to hold you over for the first week. Or, maybe you packed a good amount of foods that don’t require refrigeration and can mix and match a few items for a few days. As important as your move is, pre-planning also makes your nutrition (and goals!) just as important.
  • Invest in an insulated tote: If you really want to take it up a notch, investing in an insulated tote/bag can be a real lifesaver! With an insulated tote you can pack frozen veggies and fruits, dairy, eggs and frozen meats/seafood (Meats/Seafood should not be left out longer than 2 hours which should be taken into consideration when packing meats and seafood).
  • Carry packed foods with you (or set out a designated spot in the vehicle): It may seem a little tedious to hold on to any packed foods throughout the entirety of your trip, but to help items from getting squished under your Television, keep any foods you are worried about by your side. Invest in sturdy containers for your more delicate foods and pop into your purse or tote. You’ll be happy the next morning when your kitchen is bare but your food items made it in one piece!
  • Sign up for a delivery service: One of the simplest ways of making sure you have a stocked fridge and will not derail your nutrition goals is to have your groceries delivered to you! A service like Fresh Direct allows you to pick your delivery date and window ahead of time, which means you can pick a time you know you’ll be home because you’ll be in the midst of unpacking! You can get an entire haul–protein, carbs, veggies, fruits, and healthy fats– while still tending to your new home. Or for a quick and easy delivery, sites such as Postmates allow you to “order” groceries (even from Trader Joe’s) at a moment’s notice! For many, the ease of having groceries delivered takes off a great deal of stress which is definitely necessary when shifting into a new space.
  • Hit the grocery store early: Maybe you don’t like purchasing your groceries online, which hey I get! I can be quite particular about my groceries! If you have the option scope out the nearest grocery store and see if they deliver to your new address and how many days in advance you can schedule a delivery.

When you’re looking to avoid falling into old take out patterns during your move, bust out a trusty pad and put together your plan of action! A stressful time is no excuse to let goals fall by the waist side.

I’d love to hear some of the tricks all of you have used while moving from one location to another. How have you kept up on your nutrition while embarking on new changes?


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