The Little Dominican Eats… Brooklyn Edition!

BROOKLYN. /ˈbrʊkln/. BK. Home of the hipster.

And, approximately 4 hours after this posting, home of the Little Dominican too!

Yes, I have officially left the abode that so deeply clung on to me in the deep recesses of upper Manhattan. I am super excited to bring you more of Brooklyn’s treats and eats now that they’ll all be in my backyard! With the slew of yumminess all over the Gotham City though, I will still be exploring the other 4 boroughs– no treat gets left behind!

In fact, I have started compiling yummy places to explore all over the world! If you have a favorite place or know of a “must try” (no matter where in the world it is) share the knowledge and let me know!

Check back next Friday for the first feature in The Little Dominican Eats… Brooklyn Edition!

AND if you’ve missed a feature in “The Little Dominican Eats…” check it out below:

The Little Dominican Eats… Poco NYC!

The Little Dominican Eats… Big Gay Ice Cream!

The Little Dominican Eats… Semi-Homemade Crystal Light Freezer Pops!

The Little Dominican Eats… Magic Fountain Homemade Ice Cream!

The Little Dominican Eats… Empire Cake!

The Little Dominican Eats… Carwash Donuts!

The Little Dominican Eats… Molly’s Cupcakes!

The Little Dominican Eats… Arctic Zero!

Are We Official Yet?

Week 1 Successes and Week 2 Goals

Bison & Cookies

Yum Yum! Donuts!



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