Let’s Start 2016 The Right Way…

So let’s be honest, you know just one Fit-thusiast to another. Remember when you made all those awesome Fitness goals– you were going to eat healthy 90% of the time with just 1 cheat meal per week, you were going to exercise at least an hour per day, you were going to have a green juice every morning, and limit your carbs and say no to those delicious shortbread cookies with the jam on the inside that you secretly spend 30 minutes online for at Whole Foods and… oh, you get the point right?

You set your goals, and were real gun-ho until… well.. until…

Gee, what happened?

Simple: your motivation fizzled. Flatlined, like the hamster you had in 6th grade who you forgot to feed for a month (Don’t worry PETA, I don’t plan on owning any pets any time soon.)

Now I’ll be honest: I’m right there with you. Like the best of us I write down my goals, repeat them day in and day out and when it comes to the end of the work day I downright just don’t feel like it. Ugh, what a bummer! It’s on my mind constantly, why can’t I just get myself to the gym?

I’ll tell you my problem–

I do not put enough value on self-care.

When it comes to getting my nails done, updating my wardrobe, putting on make-up or simply reaching for a piece of fruit instead of a pack of Oreos when hungry I do not put enough value on my own self-care. Now I do not think any of them are a criteria to care for one’s self but these have all been desires that I have ignored because I simply felt there were more important things that should take precedent.

Listen to what I am saying- sometimes I wear jeans, with holes through the thighs, simply because I do not think it is important for me to get a new pair. But, at the same time, I will go and pay $15 for a mediocre meal.

More often than not I put instant gratification before long term satisfaction. Ignoring all those small desires to love and care for myself snowballs into a long term dissatisfaction for myself. And you can see how that just isn’t good!

If you have found yourself doing the same, belittling and ignoring that which would make you feel good then I am going to ask you to do something with me:

Set your intentions for the year you want.

This isn’t just about setting goals. This is about pinpointing your why. Why does it matter to you? What is your soul calling for? Deep in the recess of your subconscious–take a moment, close your eyes and listen– what do you really need to lead a happy, positive, and fulfilling life? What changes do you have to make on the fundamental level to get you to your highest goals? And be honest! For example, I want to live a fit and healthy life because I want to think I look good and I want to feel confident in my clothes. As someone who deals with depression and grew up with a negative body image, keeping healthy helps puts things in perspective! It reminds me I am worth the extra time and effort.

But my inner self wants more than just “to look good.” My inner self wants to learn. My inner self wants to think creatively. My inner self wants to see new places, have new experiences and see its hard work flourish. If one thing isn’t working, then my inner self starts to panic– hello anxiety!– and pinpointing what to focus on becomes null and void.

So I’m setting my intentions for 2016:

  1. Take a professional development class/workshop (Writing/Editing, Photography, Content, Public Relations, Adobe, Social Media, Project Management) every 1-2 months
  2. Pamper myself once per month
  3. Enthusiastically dedicate 12-15 hours to my blog
  4. Take safe risks
  5. Get into the best shape of my life for September 2016 (and beyond!)
  6. Earn wages from my passions and interests (Writing/Blogging, Media & Production, Marketing)!
  7. Work constantly to develop my ideal happy, positive, and abundant emotional sanctuary within my mind, body & spirit
  8. Keep Trying

Let’s make 2016 the year we put a little bit extra in ourselves.

What are your intentions for 2016?


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