October’s Update

I am officially in my second month at my new job and am finally feeling somewhat adjusted to my new schedule (which means I am no longer sitting around watching Netflix for 10 hours on end… true story!). In April, I quit a job that made me pretty miserable. I ended up in a serious funk and gave up on my Fitness goals. The most annoying part about goals is that they stick around. Whether you give it a shot or not, they stick around and make you really re-think your plan of action.

My goals have kind of been sitting there in the back of my head, yelling “HEY! HEY! WE’RE STILL HERE! REMEMBER US?!” I have just been kind of brushing them off because it is so much easier to brush them off than put in the mental and physical effort to do something about them. Plus, it saves me from the looming failure I have mentally convinced myself comes with trying. I am not saying any of it is rational and I bet I am not the only one feeling or thinking the same thing right about now– Do I go for it? or Do I throw in the towel?

I have gotten a taste of what I am capable of doing and I know I have to get back there. That is one reason. The other is I was recently asked to model in a merchandise photo shoot for work. I was taken aback because I mean, come on, ME?! But it sounded like fun and very low pressure– all I had to do was model some running gear and flash my smile. That I could definitely do! Doing something informal helped give me a confidence boost, plus reminded me that Fitness modeling is something I have wanted to do for a long time (as ridiculous and cliché as it may sound).

For now, my plan is simple: train consistently 5 to 6 times a week, enjoy treats once or twice a week, and be patient.


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