In a Fitness Rut? Press Restart!

Oh, hello there!

I’ve been M.I.A. the past few weeks. I wanted to take some time to myself, to mull over what my next steps in this Fitness journey would be and to regain my motivation. Restarting can be frustrating, especially if you feel as if you “let yourself down” by losing momentum. It is perfectly normal to find yourself dragging your feet on the way back to the gym, or gritting your teeth past the pizza place because you’re trying to make “healthier choices.” Losing momentum does not have to be a point of failure on your roadmap. Actually, it can help point you in the right direction.

It is possible, for example, to experience “fitness burnout”– you’ve been working out, eating right, seeing results and then suddenly you think “Guh, why am I even doing this?” Maybe you forgot why you started or maybe your goals changed along the way or maybe you just haven’t found the eating pattern or Fitness activity you can stick with lifelong. Would that automatically mean you failed?

Fitness, like Life, is a personal journey. How f-d up would it be if in trying to discover who you are and what you like someone would tell you “Bud, you’re a failure.” You wouldn’t feel too hot huh? Well, the same applies for Fitness. No two people will like the same exercise or enjoy eating the same number of calories so tripping up a little bit just means you haven’t found what suits you yet.

For this month’s training plan, my coach has me increasing calories on training days which I think will work out great as I feel I was previously eating too little for my level of activity. (Remember my post on 1,200 calories?) I am hoping to transition into an “Eat To Perform” lifestyle, where I focus more on eating for lean muscle mass and fat burning versus weight loss.

I am in the process of unlearning years of weight loss myths and negative body perceptions which still trip me up. I was telling my sister just the other day how I feel I need to fit a certain mold– i.e chiseled obliques and a lean body– to maintain my blog and be taken seriously but in the past I did not take the full journey. I have to once and for all take the journey to reach my healthy, happy point. What I love most is connecting with those who understand where I am at, where I have been and where I am going. There is no reason to dwell on past missteps because tomorrow allows us another opportunity for success. I encourage you today to not dwell, look forward instead.

I am setting out my goals for August and cannot wait to share with all of you! I would love to hear what all of you have on your radar and are looking forward to! Let’s make the next half of 2015 the best it can be!


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