The Little Dominican Eats: Magic Fountain Homemade Ice Cream!

For the 4th of July weekend, J and I traveled over to his family’s home in Long Island. I had tons of food, from sausages to lasagna to a burger and two different types of cake. Despite how stuffed I was earlier in the day, I still had room for more dessert. If there is anything to know about me (there’s probably a few things to know about me!) it is Version 2that I always have room for dessert! J mentioned the Cookie Monster ice cream flavor at Magic Fountain and I just knew we had to make the drive over. Flavors include Coconut Avocado, Gingerbread and Rice Krispies Treat! Uhm, yes please!

Magic Fountain is a super cute little homemade ice creamery on Route 25 in Mattituck. Surprisingly, it was originally opened as a Dairy Queen back in 1966 and underwent quite a few changes in 1977. Upon arriving it is easy to see why Magic Fountain has become a popular destination for Long Island locals. The outside is lined with couples eating ice cream on the benches, or inside their cars giving it a very homey and intimate feel. I was swayed by the “Red Velvet Cake.” What’s new right? I got one scoop of the “Red Velvet Cake” and a scoop of their “Lots of Stuff” flavor in a chocolate dipped cone the first time– I’ll get to that. I was incredibly excited for the Red Velvet but found that it did not meet my expectations. I guess I expected the entire ice cream to be red, with large chunks of cake where instead I got vanilla ice cream with small chunks of cake. Do not get me wrong, it was good! The cake was very soft and the flavor of the ice cream was very understated, simply not what I expected. “Lots of Stuff” was literally packed with a lot of stuff: M&Ms, brownies, cookie dough. It was very exciting for the first few bites and then a little overwhelming afterward, especially after starting with a flavor that was much less muted in sweetness.

Version 2 J got their Mint Chocolate Chip and Cookie Monster. The Cookie Monster, which I think was the highlight of our trip was chock full of Oreo cookies, and what seemed like chunks of Cookie Dough in a blue-dyed vanilla ice cream. I loved the Cookie Monster so much that I ordered it the next day when we headed back. The ice cream was too good to not take advantage of going twice! I tried their Hazelnut Biscotti flavor with the Cookie Monster the second day we went, and that combo was very well matched! The soft biscotti chunks and the subtle hints of Hazelnut in the ice cream worked very well with the soft Oreo cookies in the Cookie Monster. Sitting on the benches outside next to J with the sun beating down while eating this bright blue Cookie Monster ice cream transported me back to childhood. I felt like a high school girl again, batting my eyelashes and swinging my feet while looking at this super cute and funny boy. I guess ice cream just makes me feel that way! We were pleasantly surprised by the samples we tried of their Lavender, ‘Murica (Vanilla ice cream filled with Twinkies, and Red & Blue sprinkles), Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Figs & Honey. Yup, if that does not intrigue you I do not know what else will! I already want to make a trip back to try their other flavors!


In other news, I was selected in Nike’s random draw to run the Half-Marathon in San Francisco this October. Aaah! I am pretty nervous as I have not run more than a full mile in over a year but still have 12 weeks to train nonetheless. I have heard San Francisco hills are something to be reckoned with, and that makes me much more nervous than anything else. Being that it will be my second time in California, I am thinking of spending 4-5 days in San Francisco and then exploring Yosemite National Park, Santa Barbara and San Diego. I figured I cannot just travel cross country for a one-day race and not vacation alongside it. Check back for more as I gear up to run Nike San Fran in the coming months!



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