The Little Dominican Eats: Carwash Donuts!

Underwest Carwash Donut
Carwash Donut!

Remember my post on Underwest Donuts, the NYC donut shop that operates out of the side of a carwash? Well, on National Donut Day they rolled out the “Carwash Donut,” their version of a plain glazed donut. Since my favorite Upper East Side candy shop, The Sweet Shop, started carrying Underwest I popped in for my weekly donut fix. Like I mentioned in my previous post, I am a big fan of the texture and taste of Underwest’s plain donut. The cinnamon notes would pair extremely well with a big glass of milk. Because of the glaze on this donut, it tasted very similar to their Maple Waffle and Brown Butter variety. I find the glaze a little too sweet but it melts easily on your tongue, which many will probably enjoy.

The real gem was that I only got one donut. Why does that even matter? Well, I am not the type to just get one donut. Plus, I have this weird OCD with even numbers where I have to eat foods in multiples of 2– 2 donuts, 4 Oreos, 6 M&Ms, 8 Twizzlers, etc. etc. I once walked into Dough Loco, and because I could not decide between three different flavors I ended up getting a fourth one. But this time, I just got one! I got one and I was satisfied. Big step in recovery. Now, back to eating!



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