Break Up With The Scale, You Won’t Regret It

Hello Fitsters!

It is Monday again (boy, that was fast huh?) and a whole new week is upon us. I had a few moments last week where I said to myself “I don’t want to go to the gym!” but I told myself to hush up and did it anyway. Had a killer week! I am so excited to kill this week too!

The changes from last week to this week may not be major but here’s my progress as I go into week 2 of’s “No Limit” 6-Week Challenge:

I used to hate taking progress pictures. I used to be really embarrassed by my body and by the level of body fat I was carrying around so I focused heavily on the scale and measurements to see how my progress was coming along. At times I would miss a measurement here and there, and would become incredibly frustrated by the number on the scale. God, I hate the scale. If you haven’t already, I want to urge you to break up with the scale. Seriously, BREAK UP WITH THE SCALE.

I have not weighed myself in nearly 2 months. I spent the beginning of 2015 stepping onto the scale every week, and found my self-esteem dipping lower and lower. I was in front of the mirror every second I got, pulling at my stomach fat, thinking about that number on the scale. My response was always filled with disgust and contempt for my body! All because of a stupid number! Gosh, let me tell you scales are dumb. Scales are really dumb. Scales do not tell you how much body fat you have lost, they are incapable of seeing whether or not you have lost inches on your waist or if you have built muscle in your legs. The scale can tell you how much water weight you are holding onto on top of your regular weight but no one really wants to know that, so just cut the cord and break up with that darn thing already!

My self-esteem has undergone a complete 180 in the last 2 months. Giving the scale the boot has given me the chance to focus on the weight I am knocking around in the gym. This past Friday I was able to do Bent over Barbell Rows with a 50 pound barbell. 50 pounds! Let me tell you, 50 pounds is not light but I pushed my reps out and was really impressed at the end of my workout. That is not something the scale would at any point take into account. I have no idea what I weigh–150? 160? 145?– but I love my body so much more now that I do not step on the scale. I notice my waist slimming down, I see muscle appearing in my stubborn legs, and I take note when my clothes fit differently. Those small changes, the ones a scale cannot show me, are the ones that make me happy and incredibly proud.

Breaking up with the scale opened my eyes to the fact that Health and Fitness do not bank on numbers! On Saturday for my treat I had a bowl of ice cream, and on Sunday I focused on having my 6 square meals. That is progress and I did not have to step on a little box to feel it! The scale will never tell you your level of dedication. It will never tell you your worth or how much you are capable of. It will not tell you how fast you can run. Why would you want such negativity surrounding your Fitness journey?

Try it. Break up with the scale for a week. Two weeks. A month! Maybe even aim for a whole 6 months and see how you feel. I think you will find it changes your life, in a good way!

Really, do it! I promise you will gain much more than you lose (and this time you won’t regret it).



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