It is officially game time for Bodybuilding.com’s latest 6-week transformation challenge: “No Limits.”

Let us talk about limits for a second. Limits, or setbacks, will always exist. Whether we like them to or not, the truth is that we never know what life will throw our way. So how do we deal with setbacks and/or changes in our routine that may hold us back from our goals?


Make a plan.

Seriously. It is that easy. Make a plan. Yes, I know you cannot plan for every single thing. There are some things that will come from left field and leave you completely blindsided but there are still plenty of situations that you can prepare yourself for.

A lot of times I hear people mention they work all day, and cannot find time to hit the gym. A busy schedule can be a setback. Re-evaluating this situation shows us that actually there are plenty of opportunities to get in a good workout despite “not having time.” First, our perspective needs a shift.

No one has time. Time does not belong to anyone. It is just as tangible as it is intangible. Doers make time. Take a look at a normal day. Maybe you can get a quick living room workout done while breakfast cooks. Or use your lunch break to go for a quick jog. Get up an hour earlier to stop by the gym down the block from your workplace. You will get to work early and full of endorphins! Sure, at the beginning it will be a little bit exhausting but once you keep it up for 4 or 5 weeks it will simply become a permanent appointment in your calendar.

Some things we will not be able to fix for. For example, a few weeks back I spent an entire day on an errand. I could not have predicted that I would be leaving my house at 7AM and returning a little bit after 10, but that was the case. I could have left my house at 4AM and hit the gym early or taken out a pass for a 24HR gym to go late at night: options for someone who knows they absolutely cannot move things around in the rest of their week. Being that I normally reserve Sunday as a rest day, I simply adjusted my schedule. Missing a day, or a week or even 2-3 months–as I have done in the past– does not mean that you should throw in the towel. It simply means that you need to look at what worked against you. What could have been done differently? How can you prepare for the next time?

Setbacks are nothing more than tests. Life will test us time and time again to see if we are paying attention.

But if you are listening really well, you can grab life by the horns and let it know “Hey, I hear you loud and clear. I am still in for the count.”



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