Hello June.

Looking back, I really surprised myself in May! I put off tricep dips in the first two weeks because I swore I would be out for the count after the first 5. WELL! I got all the way up to 12 in the last two weeks! My program had 4 sets to failure so I finally pushed myself to really go to failure in each set and was stunned to see I could bang out a few more than expected.

I smirked a little every time I went up in weights. I found myself smirking a lot in May! I saw the most improvement on leg days. Me and legs do not tend to get along, but they were surprisingly feigning friendly in May. My triceps also decide to come out and play. I like it.

The first week in June, Week 5, did not go as planned. A bug problem in my apartment caused me some intense stress last Sunday. Ever since I was little I have had a crippling phobia of bugs and insects. I worked out with my trainer on Monday, then hitched a ride to my parents house to wait out for the exterminator. Staying at my parents house has thrown off my workout schedule and eating patterns. I ate ice cream 3 times on Friday simply because it was in the fridge, I was restless and I could not stop thinking about it. It kind of felt nice, to just forget my self-imposed rules for a week. Now, we’re back on it.

The goal for this coming week is to tackle each day as it comes. I am also taking a crack at another Bodybuilding.com Transform for Life challenge! Their “No Limits” 6-Week Challenge starts next week! In January, I tried participating in their #200K Transform Challenge but I was not mentally prepared. I felt extreme pressure telling other people I was participating. My coach kept pushing the idea of me winning the grand prize and I became very consumed by the idea of disappointing not only others but myself as well which led me to quit. I know I have it in me to complete the full 6 weeks, and to give myself a chance so no matter how many times I keep myself back I am going to keep pushing forward!

There is one last thing I want to work on improving in June: my cardio. Being that this past winter was BRUTAL I ran very little. Meaning my endurance is T- 3 seconds. No kidding. June’s program includes a lot of cardio, so hopefully I will not only lean out a little bit more but also regain my endurance! I am aiming to be back up to 6-7 miles within the next two months. Part of me feels I am not ready.

But, here’s a little gem from Yahoo!’s current President & CEO Marissa Mayer:




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