Are We Official Yet?

Happy Monday Fit people!

Today ends Week 3 (and begins Week 4!) of my consistency challenge! Boy, part of me was quite scared I might not make it through the first week but I keep telling myself that even if I mess up one or two weeks it is completely OKAY because I just want to live a healthy fit life.

Week 1 and 2 both went pretty smoothly. The same cannot be said for Week 3. Oy vey! What a week! Other responsibilities took over my mornings, which meant I only did two of my scheduled 6 workouts. I tend to be a creature of habit, so once I put a certain routine and schedule in place it is very hard for me to do things outside of those times! Week 3 showed me I need to learn to work around changes in scheduling when it comes to getting my workouts in.

May 18 Progress Picture (Front)
May 18 Progress Picture (Side)

Week 3 also came with quite a few indulgences! On Mother’s Day I allowed myself a few pieces of cheesecake since I was celebrating with the family. Then on Tuesday I finished off the cheesecake and headed down to Madison Square Park for a second treat.

Melt Bakery's Lovelet Ice Cream Sandwich
Melt Bakery’s Lovelet Ice Cream Sandwich

Saturday’s previous dessert of 16 Handles, left me somewhat dissatisfied so on Tuesday I dropped by Melt Bakery‘s booth at Mad. Sq. Eats to try their Lovelet Ice Cream sandwich. Melt Bakery’s Lovelet is a light cream cheese ice cream sandwiched between two Red Velvet “meltcakes” (as Melt Bakery calls it!). Melt Bakery’s representative suggested giving the ice cream sandwich 2-3 minutes to soften, so that I could get the full cake texture of the Red Velvet.

The cakes on this ice cream sandwich was divine! It just melts on your tongue. The cream cheese ice cream left a strange sour cream aftertaste but I love the creaminess of Melt Bakery’s ice cream. They have a variety of yummy flavors I look forward to trying–such as the Morticia, which sandwiches malted chocolate rum ice cream between two crackly chocolate cookies or the Lumberjack which pairs maple ice cream with oatmeal bacon cookies!

I do not normally crave fried chicken but all of last week I could not stop thinking about it! So, last week’s cheat meal consisted of a trip to the Upper East Side’s International Wings Factory!

I tried their boneless wings in the Mexy Q BonelessWingsInternationalWingsFactoryTLDand Garlic Parmesan Beurre Blanc sauces. The Mexy Q was a blend of BBQ and Mexican Chilies and was extremely delicious. I expected their to be a little bit more heat to the wings, but being that I love BBQ sauce I did not mind. The Garlic Parmesan was a very creamy and sweet sauce. Good, but a little overpowering after a few bites of their wings. My boyfriend tried International Wing Factory’s chicken wings in their Pure Heat sauce. It is supposed to be the second hottest sauce in their arsenal but I found it was lacking in heat. I found the chicken in my wings to be a tad bit on the dry side.

The sweet potato fries at International Wings Factory absolutely won me over though. All the Yelp reviews I read raved about their fries. I have had enough fries, especially enough sweet potato SweetPotatoFriesInternationalWingsFactoryfries to know that sometimes it can be a real hit or miss. (You know… I have always wondered how places manage to mess up fries…) The sweet potato fries at IWF were crispy and in no way greasy, or soggy. I also tried some of my boyfriend’s regular fries which were lightly seasoned and delicious.

After the International Wings Factory, we headed over to Levain Bakery since I spent all of last week warding off cookie cravings! I love their Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip cookie when warm. Your first bite into the cookie leaves you with a mouthful of super gooey peanut butter chips and this super soft dark chocolate cookie. I am always wary of Peanut Butter and Chocolate because sometimes I have had items where the Peanut Butter tastes inauthentic but the Peanut Butter in Levain’s cookies taste like pure ground up peanuts.

My favorite part of Levain Bakery is the doughy center within each cookie. Each cookie is baked to perfection on the outside, and left warm and slightly raw on the inside. I cream over the cinnamon notes and plum raisins of their Oatmeal Raisin. While I am not normally a fan of Chocolate Chip cookies, I love leaving their Chocolate Chip Walnut in the fridge for a few hours and eating the cookie cold. So delicious! Anyone else a fan of Levain Bakery?



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