Looking Forward to Week 3!

Ah Monday! Anyone else look forward to the beginning/end of the week as much as I do? It sounds crazy but I use Sundays and Mondays to review how my previous week went: what went well, what didn’t, where I can improve, setting new goals, etc.

Today marks the end of my 2nd week of consistency and start of my 3rd! I met my coach/trainer for a good leg day session today to start the week off right. I am slowly warming up to leg day. It is not my favorite body part to train at all because the exercises burn so terrible and make me tire quickly but I sure do love the results!

In terms last week, here’s how I shaped up:

  • I missed 1 cardio session
  • I lifted heavier during 2-3 of my lifts (Oh yeah!)
  • I had cheesecake on my non-cheat day (but so the heck what?)

For this week I want to work on completing my ab sets in full. One thing to know is that while ab exercises do not burn fat in the abdominal area (this is what is known as spot reduction) it is still very important to train abs anywhere from 2-4 times per week. Your core is incredibly important in a range of different exercises and functions. Running, for example, heavily depends on a strong core despite the fact that your legs (and sometimes your arms) do most of the work. Strengthening your core and training abs for that reason is very important.

I also want to work on structuring my meals a little bit more on Saturdays. Saturdays are when I have my cheat meals, and I have noticed that normally I will eat about 2 meals alongside my cheat meal. This means my last meal ends up being around 3 or 4PM on Saturday (sometimes a little bit later or earlier). If I have a big enough cheat meal I very rarely get hungry later into the day but I end up ravenous the next morning! Instead, I want to eat about 3-4 meals in addition to my cheat meal to help combat morning hunger.

My biggest success from last week: Eating cheesecake and not feeling bad and/or guilty about it! It was Mother’s Day so I said hey, why not? And today I woke up and got right back to my plan. I feel incredibly proud of myself!

Here are comparison pictures:

Apr 27 v. May 4 v. May 11 (Front Progress)
Apr 27 v. May 4 v. May 11 (Front Progress)
Apr 27 v. May 04 v. May 11 (Side)
Apr 27 v. May 04 v. May 11 (Side)

I can see the difference between April 27th and May 11th which is really exciting! I cannot wait to see what other improvements I continue to make.

What are all of you celebrating on this sunny Monday?



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