Week 1 Successes and Week 2 Goals

Happy Monday Fitsters!

Since the beginning of my Fitness journey, balance and consistency have been the hardest for me to establish so in the third week of April, I decided to simply give it my best shot for the next 12 weeks. Today marks the beginning of week 2 and I am proud to say week 1 went pretty well! I have not quite decided yet but I am rewarding myself with either a new tank top or a new tag for my Road iD.

Comparison pictures:

April 27th v. May 04th (Front)
April 27th v. May 04th (Front)
April 27th v. May 04th (Side)
April 27th v. May 04th (Side)

In terms of my progress pictures I do not see much difference between Week 1 and Week 2 just yet but so far I feel much less bloated than the first week and my mood has significantly improved. It can definitely be a mental struggle to stop worrying about whether or not I look leaner. Focusing more on how I feel, how my clothes feel and how my strength is improving is my top priority.

IMG_2745The plan for last week was to workout and hit my macros for 6 out of the 7 days. Some days were definitely better than others in terms of my workouts but I even hit the gym for my least favorite of days– leg day. Despite cravings I managed to stick to my guns until Saturday for my cheat meal which consisted of Artichoke Pizza and Underwest Donuts with my boyfriend! The last time I had a slice from Artichoke Pizza I was a Sophomore in college! It had been so long I was scared it would not taste as good as I remIMG_2744embered it. Oh my god! The first bite was simply divine! Even after so many years, it tasted just as good as I remembered. I normally do not like too much crusts on pizza, but the crust on this pizza is airy and chewy but still crispy. I love the creaminess of the sauce combined with the gooey cheese on top. The slices were so big that 1 held me over until night time (when I then had my second slice!) After enjoying a slice a piece, my boyfriend and I hung out on the High Line before heading over to Underwest Donuts on the West Side Highway.

IMG_2747This inconspicuous donut shop is underneath or inside, really, of a car wash! Anyone who knows me knows I obsess over donuts so naturally I had to try this place as part of my never-ending donut tour. The donut shop its self is super small but still inviting at the same time. We stopped by the shop about an hour and a half before it closed and were surprised we still had a good choice of flavors (which amounted to about 6-8 in total). My boyfriend decided on the Cinnamon and Maple Waffle flavors while I went for the Dark Chocolate and Brown Butter.

Underwest Donuts!
Underwest Donuts!

To my surprise, the Dark Chocolate donut was my favorite out of the four! I tend to dislike chocolate donuts because I normally find them too rich and overpowering, but this donut was simply perfection. The donut was so moist and cake-y that it just melted in my mouth. The bottom has a slight crunch which contrasts nicely with the rest of the donut. If I am ever in need of a chocolate fix (which is normally pretty often…), this would definitely be my go-to.

My second favorite out of the four was their sugared Cinnamon donut. Underwest takes their Old Fashioned donut and dips it on the spot into some cinnamon sugar, leaving you with a super crispy delight that tastes much like a churro. Oddly enough Old Fashioned donuts are hands down my absolute favorite (I am telling you I just really really love donuts!) The Old Fashioned donut at Underwest isIMG_2754 baked to perfection, crispy yet soft and chewy. This donut would go perfectly with a coffee.

Tied for third place were the Maple Waffle and the Brown Butter donuts. The glaze on both these donuts were very sweet and the cake portion for both tasted very similar. You can definitely taste and smell the maple within the Maple Waffle and the Stroopwaffle on top is a nice touch. The pecans on the donut are not as notable as I would have liked but the sliced almonds on the Brown Butter definitely give a nice crunch/flavor to the other donut. I was slightly confused on the naming of the Brown Butter. It tasted much like a coffee donut, though I am not sure that was the intention.

In comparison to other donut shops I have visited, I would probably rank Underwest pretty high up there as I really did love the texture and simplicity of their donuts.

For Week 2, I am hoping to have the same success as last week. Additional goals include waking up at 7AM three times out of the week and running about 3-3.5 consecutive miles outside. Let us see how I do!



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