Quick Update!

Hello Fitsters! I am going strong into my fifth week of consistency! Ya-hoo!! The Memorial Day weekend came with a slew of indulgences (woops!) but it did not feel like the end of the world, which means that I am making real progress in just living a healthy balanced life! My trainer/coach took measurements yesterday and… Continue reading Quick Update!

Are We Official Yet?

Happy Monday Fit people! Today ends Week 3 (and begins Week 4!) of my consistency challenge! Boy, part of me was quite scared I might not make it through the first week but I keep telling myself that even if I mess up one or two weeks it is completely OKAY because I just want… Continue reading Are We Official Yet?

Damn You Cookies!

It’s Thursday, which means all over social media you will be bombarded with throwbacks and transformations but the most important transformation to note is not the one you can see but the one you can’t– the one that happens inside. I was lying on my couch dying for a chocolate chip cookie from Levain Bakery… Continue reading Damn You Cookies!

Looking Forward to Week 3!

Ah Monday! Anyone else look forward to the beginning/end of the week as much as I do? It sounds crazy but I use Sundays and Mondays to review how my previous week went: what went well, what didn’t, where I can improve, setting new goals, etc. Today marks the end of my 2nd week of consistency… Continue reading Looking Forward to Week 3!

Get Jazzy With It!

Had the chance to meet one of my favorite instagrammers (@jazzythings)! Jasmine is extremely funny and super sweet. Attending her workshop here in New York City today helped me think of experimenting with recipes and food in a new way, so that was really exciting/awesome. I look forward to using her tips and advice to… Continue reading Get Jazzy With It!