Bison & Cookies!

So sorry for being mum these past few days! I hit a bit of a low and wanted to take a little bit of time to re-focus my goals. A while back I stumbled upon the “FitBook” Journal which has pages for both your nutrition and workout/fitness plan. I found it at Target and had to check it out for myself.FTBK-BLACK-RED-001-3T

I have been using it for about 3-4 days and I love it so much more than my last notebook! The FitBook Journal makes it really easy to log my goals, my food and my workouts plus it’s super portable. The journal allows you to set a 12-week plan which helps me feel much more focused.

I got back on the wagon with a cheat meal this Saturday! My primary goal is learning how to go a full week between treats and stay consistent with my nutrition in the meanwhile. After about an hour and a half of deliberation I stopped by BareBurger to get their County Fair burger (which included a bison patty, aged cheddar, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce on a Brioche Bun) and french fries. I am not much a fan of beef, but man! That bison? Delicious!

Afterward, I walked around the corner to Shmackary’s for a Red Velvet Cookie! The Schmackary’s website describes the cookie as a deep red cocoa with semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate and cream cheese frosting.


The photo does not do it justice, I know. It was dark and nighttime! In person the cookie looks more chocolate than Red Velvet. I wish I had tasted a cookie straight from the oven but unfortunately my cookie had been sitting out for a while. The edges were crunchier than expected, but the center was very soft. The semi-sweet chocolate and white chocolate were kind of lost on me. There was a slight hint of Red Velvet but I think what really made the cookie was the frosting. The cream cheese frosting tasted very good and was not overly sweet but after a little while was ever so slightly overpowering. I loved the crunch of the nuts up top (walnuts I assume?).

All in all, a good cookie but slightly forgettable in my book. Maybe it’s because I obsess over donuts? But then again I also had an absolutely delicious Red Velvet cupcake from Sprinkles Cupcakes last week so maybe it was just lackluster for me.



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