Hello Boston!

11141937_450639715101669_456317601_nHello! From Boston! …Ok, ok so actually hello from right outside of Boston. Waltham to be exact! I am visiting my best friend and her fiancée for the week. The last time I got to spend a substantial amount of time in Boston was when I was picking colleges and attending an open house at Boston University with my sister so it is really nice to not only hang out with my best friend but also travel into Boston! Being that there is no gym in close walking vicinity here in Waltham, it was nice to spend yesterday walking around the city!

Our first stop was the “Cookie Monstah” truck, near the carousel at the greenway. We spotted the truck by chIMG_0532 - Version 2ance and decided to get cookies before stopping by the aquarium. I tried their salted caramel cookie and it is true what their menu says! It is the perfect combination of salty and sweet! I tend to prefer cookies with really soft warm centers, such as those from Levain Bakery in New York City, so the crunchiness of the cookie was not particularly to my liking but it was a very delicious cookie nonetheless! There were hints of sugar cookie mixed in with light notes of butterscotch. The saltiness of the cookie was just right on the caramel pieces. Being that I love caramel, and salted caramel even more it’s no surprise that my taste buds were in heaven here. If you happen to catch the truck, I would definitely suggesting getting yourself a treat!

From there we travel on to the aquarium and down towards Bowdoin. At 57 degrees the weather was impeccable so the city was of course extremely lively!

Down by Quincy Market, we stood with the rest of the crowd and watched an extremely talented (and young!) sax player.


Right before we ended our day trip, we popped into Legal Seafood for lunch. Luke’s Lobster makes absolutely delicious lobster rolls, so I decided to give a crabmeat roll a try. I love crab, but lobster rolls are definitely my top 1!

Being a doughnut fanatic (seriously, FANATIC!) and self-proclaimed connoisseur I convinced my best friend we need to make a stop by Sommerville’s Union Square Donuts. Looks like there is a ton of deliciousness to look forward to later this week!



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