Pizza Will Always Be There

The last time my coach took my measurements was February. All of my measurements (waist, hip, body fat %) had gone up. It was definitely depressing and deflated my ego. Now that I am feeling myself again, I decided to have my coach take measurements again so that I can start over/new with another program.

My waist went down from the last time I checked in and my body fat is down to 20% (which means I lost about 2% body fat despite the fact that my eating was a little bit all over the place). I expected to be at about 25% so it was definitely a pleasant surprise.

It was also great news to hear after not caving to pizza last night! I am working on gradually kicking my sugar cravings and sticking to 1 cheat meal per week. My first goal was to go 3 days without sugar, which took me about 3 attempts but finally happened last week. 🙂 As a reward, I am getting a manicure! I have always wanted to pamper myself on a continuous basis so I am using my rewards as a space to do so!

After my 3 days sans treats, I had Levain Bakery‘s Chocolate Chip Walnut cookies (which by the way I LOVE COLD!) on Saturday and 16 Handles on Sunday. The goal is now to go 5 days sans treats. Then I will aim to go a whole week between cheat meals. I wanted pizza so bad last night, and it drove me crazy sitting on the couch watching my boyfriend eat these delicious looking slices. I kept reminding myself of my goals: to create the habit, to instill and get comfortable with eating clean/healthy as a lifestyle.

Pizza will always be there.

So why not go after my goals right here and now?



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