I Gained Some Weight… And That’s Ok!

For a long time I was ashamed. I started training for my first Figure competition December 2013 and when I found I was not mentally ready to compete I began feeling like a failure. It felt like an obligation to continue to make progress, lose weight and burn the extra body fat I was carrying around.… Continue reading I Gained Some Weight… And That’s Ok!

Bison & Cookies!

So sorry for being mum these past few days! I hit a bit of a low and wanted to take a little bit of time to re-focus my goals. A while back I stumbled upon the “FitBook” Journal which has pages for both your nutrition and workout/fitness plan. I found it at Target and had… Continue reading Bison & Cookies!

Yum Yum! Donuts!

DONUTS! DONUTS DONUTS DONUTS! Have I mentioned how much I love donuts? I love donuts. Because I REALLY love donuts. My best friend gifted me a donut maker in college because I would go to such great lengths for Dunkin’ Donuts– which of course with the occurrence of artisanal doughnut shops no longer happens. After… Continue reading Yum Yum! Donuts!

Hello Boston!

Hello! From Boston! …Ok, ok so actually hello from right outside of Boston. Waltham to be exact! I am visiting my best friend and her fiancée for the week. The last time I got to spend a substantial amount of time in Boston was when I was picking colleges and attending an open house at Boston University… Continue reading Hello Boston!

Pizza Will Always Be There

The last time my coach took my measurements was February. All of my measurements (waist, hip, body fat %) had gone up. It was definitely depressing and deflated my ego. Now that I am feeling myself again, I decided to have my coach take measurements again so that I can start over/new with another program. My waist… Continue reading Pizza Will Always Be There