Ow, Ow, Ow!

I have shin splints! Silly me, I decided on Monday to do a run in the gym’s treadmill in my lifting shoes (because I knew that if I waited until I got home I probably would not do it).

I also decided to do my run at my old 10 min/mile pace which, caused serious discomfort in my chest/lungs while I was running but made me feel great after!

Then yesterday I realized a nagging pain in my shins (not even just one, BOTH of them!). This is, of course, the reason why I put new running shoes– to avoid injury. This is where I shake my head at the stupidity.

Hoping it clears up for this Sunday’s “long” run. Stretching periodically throughout the day in the hopes I can get back out there.

Also, my endurance is clearly not what it used to be. Whereas I could run 6-7 miles easy, I can now somewhat manage a mile to two before tiring. Makes me a little embarrassed but I know I will get back there!



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