Old Flames Die Hard

At the end of January, I found myself giving up. My eating habits were all over the place and the only times I stepped into the gym were to train with my personal trainer twice a week. I kept putting pressure on myself to not get heavy and put on weight which made me intentionally forgo the rules.

Maybe, I started thinking, I need to get comfortable being heavy and putting on weight before I can get back on the wagon. I guess that sounds a little crazy. What I am trying to say is I want to get to the point where I work out and maintain clean eating habits for myself rather than to look a certain way or hit a certain goal weight. I have seen my focus on weight and the strive for abs turn into a strong dislike for what my body looks like (even after having a large transformation).

So I took a break. Or really I would say I gave up and now I feel ready to go about it with a fresh mindset. As I sat on the bus yesterday on my way to a Touch Football game,I realized my last race was the Nike Half-Marathon in DC last April! That sounded crazy to me, because when I first started running races I had to make sure I had one every few months or I would start to get the itch. I never really thought I would but I love running.

So right then and there I looked up races then decided to sign up for a 10K. Actually, by chance I decided to run the Oakley Mini 10K this coming June which was the first race and 10K I ever did when I first started running back in 2007.


I was so serious about this, I headed over to my favorite local NYC running store after my Touch Football game to buy new running sneaks. I did not want to allow myself to change my mind. I ended up with the Brooks Launch 2, for speed work/long runs and since I love running in the Mizuno Wave Rider I went with the 18s. (Fun Fact: I worked at my favorite local NYC running store for 2 years and love geeking out over running shoes!)

Just talking to people about it makes me really excited! The race is exactly 12 weeks away, which means I can slowly increase my distance. Got to get up and at ’em!



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