Tackling The Office Treats

The lunch table at my job the other day was brimming with temptation: dark chocolate almond cookies, sweet potato chips, fun-sized chocolates, a Dairy Queen blizzard cake– it is a small table and it looked endless. Funny enough I work at a running store, which would make you think there’d be nothing but a mecca of healthy foods. I wish that was the case! But, just because treats are in your face and calling your name does not mean that you have to succumb to their powers! If you are unable to enjoy a small portioned treat without binging then you just need to find a way to distract yourself. Cravings normally last 15 minutes so here are some tips and tricks to occupy your mind and keep you on track:
  1. Eat A Meal: Before you grab anything, take a second to think. Are you hungry? If you are then eat a well-balanced meal instead! When we’re hungry we tend to grab the first thing we see, and grabbing a sugary treat could spell disaster! So before you get 4 cookies in, grab a delicious meal to help overcome your cravings.
  2. Grab a (Healthy!) Snack: If you’re just feeling snackish try grabbing a healthier option for example a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit, or Greek yogurt with some toasted oats and Almond Butter. If you know you tend to get snackish during the day plan ahead! Keeping non-perishable healthy snacks on hand, whether in your locker or at your desk can help in these moments of despair. In addition you can bring snacks from home: your favorite chopped veggies, a homemade smoothie, hard boiled eggs or avocado with a piece of toast. With just a little bit of pre-planning you can steer clear of that table!
  3. Drink Tea: One of my favorite ways to ward off cravings is to drink a nice hot cup of tea! I keep 1-2 boxes of Peppermint Tea or Green Tea in my locker to help carry me through those really tough cravings. A cup of hot tea can help suppress your appetite helping you feel full longer and will give you the added benefit of helping you burn fat! Healthy and effective? Yes please!
  4. Drink Water: If you’re not a fan of tea– which sounds like a sin to me!– then a cup of water will do as well. Sometimes, when we’re dehydrated we start to think we’re hungry when in fact we’re just thirsty!
  5. Keep Motivation On Hand: I have a fitness journal that goes with me EVERYWHERE! It includes my fitness plan, nutrition goals, pictures of my favorite Fitspirations, etc. Whenever I need a reminder I check my journal. Some people like to keep motivation on their phone whether through a tracking app, or photos. If you’re in a cubicle or office, create a vision board that you can look at when the table is crawling with temptation. Being reminded of your goals can be an excellent way to keep on them!
  6. Find a New Place To Eat: When the lunch table is littered with snacks, I find a new place to sit. Most of the times, this means cramming into a corner all the way on the other side of the room but the farther I am from the table the better! It allows me to focus and enjoy the food I have packed from home. By the time I finish lunch, I’m so full from my meal that I can go back to work without giving the table a second thought!
  7. Go For A Walk: Sometimes, being in the same room as your frenemy can be tough. Instead of putting yourself through the agony get some fresh air! Walking around the block can help remove you from the situation and give you some time to de-stress. Plus, you get to stretch your legs and see some daylight!
  8. Write Down Your Feelings: Consider what you’re feeling. Angry? Bored? Frustrated? Taking some time to think about your emotions (rather than eating them) can help you get to the root of your cravings. When I started writing down what I was feeling I realized whenever I was anxious, upset or stressed I tended to reach for the snacks quicker and devour a lot more without stopping! I could then figure out a way to deal with my emotions that did not include a bag of chocolate covered pretzels.
  9. Start On A Project: You know that file of papers your boss just tossed onto your desk? Now would be a good time to get to them! There’s nothing like an important task to distract you from your cravings.
  10. Make Your Own Treats: Sometimes we need a little sweet or saltiness in our lives. This goes hand in hand with #2 above. One of my absolute favorite snacks are no bake bites made from rolled oats, protein powder, Almond Butter and a little bit of honey. I get the satisfaction of having something sweet while still sticking to my goals! Take a weekend day to bake your own batch of chocolate chip cookies and pack 1-2 in your bag for work or bake a batch of chips for the week! This way you can control the sugar & fat content of your treats, while getting the satisfaction of indulging!
The tips above are just a few ways you can keep from spiraling when temptation enters your workplace. But, I want to hear from you! What is your favorite way to kill cravings? What do you do when faced with cravings? Tell me how you keep on track!

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