The Winding Road

Have I talked about what a binging episode feels like? Those of you who are currently battling and/or who have recovered from an eating disorder understand the pull. It always feels like a build up. I can feel all of my stress, my emotions, doubts and self-hatred flooding my system. I would compare it to drowning,… Continue reading The Winding Road

Ow, Ow, Ow!

I have shin splints! Silly me, I decided on Monday to do a run in the gym’s treadmill in my lifting shoes (because I knew that if I waited until I got home I probably would not do it). I also decided to do my run at my old 10 min/mile pace which, caused serious… Continue reading Ow, Ow, Ow!

Ok @wtrmlnwtr! I was scared at first, but now my taste buds are intrigued!


Old Flames Die Hard

At the end of January, I found myself giving up. My eating habits were all over the place and the only times I stepped into the gym were to train with my personal trainer twice a week. I kept putting pressure on myself to not get heavy and put on weight which made me intentionally… Continue reading Old Flames Die Hard

Apathy & Body Image

I found 9 Photos That Show How Media Really Affects Women’s Body Image while scrolling through my RSS Feed the other day and what struck me most was not the photos, but my reaction to them. Put simply, I had none. I was not shocked, or emotional, or even disgusted. On a day to day basis, despite… Continue reading Apathy & Body Image