Won’t You Love Me?

Please… mommy…Won’t you love me? I screamed. I begged. I cried. I brought home straight As. And I said NO to drugs. And I averted my eyes from guys. But the word, the truth of my mother’s sting pressed into my skin, hot iron on my soul. She said it everytime I stood up for… Continue reading Won’t You Love Me?

Will I Drown?

i see you out on the rocks and i start to wonder how i can cross this sea when i’m still learning to swim

On Healing From Within

I want to do everything from and with love – for myself + for my loved ones. and for their loved ones… until it reaches the darkest corners of the world.

On Being Someone Else

I’ve been pretending. // My skin color has always made me feel like The Other. // Am I evil? I wonder, turning my hands over. I look at my pigment, examine the green veins below the skin. Café con leche, you can say. Coffee with milk. Or yellow? Like the kids say these days. My skin… Continue reading On Being Someone Else

Dear White People:

I do not need your apology. I do not need your words. I will not pat you on the back for finally seeing what my people have been saying all along–that even with a Black man as our President– racism, sexism, homophobia, hate for & fear of the other exists. I want your eyes, your… Continue reading Dear White People: