In All My Glory

“Do you see me?” I ask, cracking my knuckles– nervous habit from years of social isolation. A.K.A Othering (It wasn’t a word before, but it is a word now). “Do you though?” I want to say. But my voice catches. My voice always catches when it’s time for me to speak. Do you see the real me?

A Faceless Doll No More

I’ve been very silent lately and I’m just going to come right out and say it: I started having an identity crisis. Okay, actually let me take a step back and say I started feeling really depressed. I started feeling really depressed about myself and my career and my talents and my life. Woah. Pause. All… Continue reading A Faceless Doll No More

Tender (Self) Lovin’ Curls

I cannot believe it’s September already! I always feel rejuvenated by Summer, sun and cool breezes but I love when the seasons change too. Summer and Spring make me want to be out and about, but during Fall and Winter? Well, Fall and Winter make me want self-reflection and a huge mug of hot chocolate. Yes,… Continue reading Tender (Self) Lovin’ Curls

Your Body Is A Forest

Spoiler Alert: If you have yet to read Jessica Knoll’s The Luckiest Girl Alive, I would put this post on the back burner before I spill the beans for you. Give it a read first. I will be here when you return.

Running: Getting Started

How to get started running: running form, running fuel, training, and running gear