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Tender (Self) Lovin’ Curls

I cannot believe it’s September already! I always feel rejuvenated by Summer, sun and cool breezes but I love when the seasons change too. Summer and Spring make me want to be out and about, but during Fall and Winter? Well, Fall and Winter make me want self-reflection and a huge mug of hot chocolate. Yes,… Continue reading Tender (Self) Lovin’ Curls

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Your Body Is A Forest

Spoiler Alert: If you have yet to read Jessica Knoll’s The Luckiest Girl Alive, I would put this post on the back burner before I spill the beans for you. Give it a read first. I will be here when you return.

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Running: Getting Started

How to get started running: running form, running fuel, training, and running gear

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Beginning A Lifestyle Change

Hello gems! Is anyone else having serious cases of “please don’t make me go outside…” this summer because it’s just so hot? NYC has been experiencing some very warm and sunny 90 degree (and above!) weather which in turn has made me realize just how bad I need summer clothes and actually, clothes in general. Can I tell… Continue reading Beginning A Lifestyle Change

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The Little Dominican Eats… The Good Batch

Thee Good Batch Ice Cream Sandwiches & Spoon University’s Brainfood 2016